What Our Clients
are Saying

Our clients are the foundation of our business, and we are proud to have earned their trust and satisfaction. We strive to exceed expectations at every step. Here’s what some of our valued clients have to say about their experiences with us.

It is a pleasure working with Tina. She has been so helpful, helping me make decisions about the 36+ years of things that have built up. As busy business owners, organizing gets put on the shelf. Now we are moving and she is helping us organize and pack! So we will not be bringing things we no longer need with us. It is the perfect blend. She has lots of resources too for donation places and ways we can recycle items. That is important as I did not want to just throw things out. Thank you Tina!
Kathleen L.
Tina has worked with me through many moving and organizing projects. Her knowledge is logical, practical, and budget conscious, but leaves me with a beautiful system that works for my mom life with 4 kids. Highly recommended and will use her for more projects for sure!
Katie J.
Tina was a godsend! As a recent widow with some mobility issues, I had my home renovated so I could live entirely on the first floor of my home. I did not want to move into an apartment or condo. Tina helped me organize my new kitchen and several closets and declutter storage areas. She was energetic, enthusiastic and came up with excellent storage ideas and clutter solutions which I have been able to maintain. Having Tina assist me with organizing and removing clutter was a great weight off my shoulders!
Ann R.
Tina packed my apartment for my next big move as I purchased my first home. I was concerned about the safety of my grandmother's china and other antiques, but Tina found a way to get it all safely wrapped up. She is thorough and professional, and also personal, approachable, and warm. It didn't feel like I was bothering her when I was asking questions, and she shared helpful tips on how to keep organized during the move. Packing can feel like an overwhelming task but I could see that Tina had it under control for safe, efficient pack-up.
Beck S.
Tina truly went above and beyond my expectations of home organizing so much so that I hired her not only for four hours as planned, but a total of 20 hours - to unpack and create gorgeous closets all color coordinated and labeled. She is also passionate about what she does and believe me this, in turn, is evident in her work!! Tina taught me how to properly fold t-shirts and pants so I may then be inspired to organize other areas of my home. I highly recommend Tina Schwab Organizing.
Tracy M.
Tina was a lifesaver. She helped me pack up my house for a move. She was efficient, tireless and very respectful of my belongings.
Mary M.
Tina was awesome. She came in and got to work right away. She didn't waste time and provided expert suggestions and feedback. I will definitely use her again.
Juliana V.
Tina packed our family for a move across town and she's quick and efficient - took all my packing/moving stress away! Moving is so overwhelming and Tina helped make it easy!!
Cami S.
Tina was great. Letting go of things is difficult and it was good for our circumstances to have someone assertive to help my wife give a gentle push to organize and purge.
Moses P.
Tina was so much fun to work with! I loved learning from her about what would work best in my space, including the concepts that I have now learned to keep going around the house with. Thank you Tina!
Heather E.

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